Experience about Living in Dormitory

This is about my experience in my lovely dormitory. It was started when I got the scholarship from Sampoerna Foundation with other students. I never think that I will stay in dormitory far away from my parents and my lovely family. At the first time, I just thought that I will meet the new friends from sumateranees. But I was wrong, I met the new friends from Acehnese, Kalimantan’s and others. So, I can know about any different cultures that I have not known before.

When I was come here, I saw many different things in this place. May be because I come from java and they have different characteristics. In dormitory, we should speak in English every time and everywhere around school’s area. Then, I will talk about the cleanliness and tidiness in this dormitory. It has very high standard or we can call it as international standard. We should make our clothes very tidy until it is straight. We may not put anything on our bed and our cupboard.

And now, let’s talk about the system of this dormitory. I have stayed here around 1 year and I have known the system in this dormitory. In our Dormitory, we have four buildings which are building A and C are girls dormitory and B and D are boys dormitory. Here, we have HOUSES and the organization we called as HOUSE CAPTAIN. We have 9 houses which are Dolphin, Dove, Eagle, Hornbill, Komodo, Lion, Manta Ray, Rhino and Shark. Do you know? Our houses’ name is taken from the extinct animals.

These are the activities that usually we do in the school and dormitory. We have duty rooster based on the room to clean up the building before the school time. Usually two or three rooms will do it and it will be based on the schedule. We also make the schedule to wash our dirty clothes. One day will belongs to two rooms to use the washing machine. At 7.30 am until at 4.15 pm we have to study in the school just like other students. After that, sometimes we have to take a rest for a while, have a pray ashar or do our homework. In the night, it is started at 8 o’clock we should go out from our room to have study night in the classroom with our friends. It could be in a partner or independently.

We have the school time start from Monday until Friday. In Saturday, we have gymnastic in the morning together with PE teacher. Sometimes, the students are wearing pajama when we have gymnastic in the morning. It is started at 5.30 in the morning, it’s mean we should wake up before 5.30 to prepare ourselves. Then, we will do the club until night. In the night, once a month we have speech contest which are the judges are our teachers.

At Sunday, usually we are going out with our roommates to buy something such us food, school equipment and etc. This is note for all rooms to clean up their room until it is clean so they can go out. If their rooms cannot reach the standard of cleanliness and tidiness, they cannot go out.

For the parents, they just have once a month to visit their children in the dormitory, or the parents can call the teachers to know the condition of their children here. One note for you, here we cannot contact our parents because we should submit our hand phone in the first three months of academic year. So, we just can contact our parents by e-mail or social networks.

In the special day, usually we were celebrated by held the competition based on the houses or based on the classes. Last time, we were celebrated Independence Day competition. It was organized by student council. The competition was held based on the houses. Every house should prepare as good as they can to be the winner. The competitions are poem reading, boy band, percussion, quick and smart, dress up competition, and poster. And my house, Manta Ray becomes the first winner for independence competition. The second is Komodo house and the third is Eagle house. I was shocked because I thought that we were less preparation. We just prepared it in two days. But, it was the best achievement that we can reach for our house.

In Ramadan month, last time we had praying tarawih together with other students and teachers. After pray isya’, one of the teachers will give us “Kultum (Kuliah tujuh menit)” with interesting topic. Sometimes it makes us laugh, and sometimes it makes us cry or remember what we have done in the past time. At 3.30 am, we should wake up to have sahur together based on each building. The duty rooster will be started just like usual. The school time will be started at 7.30 am until 2.40 pm. At 6.15 pm, we had breakfasting together with our teachers. Sometimes we remember our memories with our parents because usually we have fasting in Ramadhan month with our big family.

One thing that I should tell you, for the students who are come from South Sumatera, they can go home when the school give the holiday for us. Meanwhile for the one who are come from outside of South Sumatera such as East Java, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Bali, Riau, Balikpapan, West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan, they just have 2 times to go home every year because the budgets are from the school for the transport. If they want to go home more than 2 times, they should pay the transport by themselves because it is out of school’s agreement.

I think that’s my story about my experience living in dormitory. Every dormitory in other places will have different system and regulation. I hope this system can become the trendsetter for other schools who has dormitory system to be a good school in Indonesia or even in the world.


About rizkaamaliakurniawati

One of the student from SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy).. :D

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