Biodiversity: the magic of our planet!

Lots of cogs, pullies and wheels (animals, plants and environments) working together. Depending on each other in so many ways. Creating a green, blue healthy world that you, us, everyone depends on.

For food, fuel, medicine and other essentials that we simply cannot live without.

Sure this machine can take some knocks and bruises.

It can bounce back.

Stretch. Adapt. Mend.

It is part of what makes it so marvelous.

But we’re beginning to pull and stretch it further than it has ever been stretched before.

We’re entering unknown territory where some of the extinctions we are causing may have deep and profound effects on how we live our lives.

In the grand time scale of our planet, these effects may be currently seen as the equivalent of storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

But rest assured, the storm is coming.

Unless we learn to start loving and caring for what our planet already gives us.

Convention on Biological Diversity

What exactly is Biodiversity?
How much of this Biodiversity are we losıng?
How does Biodiversity loss affect me and everyone else?
So what exactly is causing this loss?
And what ıs WWF doıng about it?
What can I do? This just seems so BIG!

We can no longer see the continued loss of biodiversity as an issue separate from the core concerns of society: to tackle poverty, to improve the health, prosperity and security of present and future generations, and to deal with climate change. Each of those objectives is undermined by current trends in the state of our ecosystems, and each will be greatly strengthened if we finally give biodiversity the priority it deserves.

Convention on Biological Diversity’s ‘Global Biodiversity Outlook 3’ report
And something a little bit lighter…


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