Stand and Mie Aceh Ala MANTA RAY HOUSE :)

It was a great moment for having L2L day which is Learning to Live day program. This is the second year for us to celebrate our L2L day. for this chance, our school has invite 10 schools to join our activities. One thing that I like from this activity is stand house. We make our stand house based on each house. Every house will have different theme of stand. We prefer to choose “THE SEA” as our theme because it will show what manta ray is. Most of the students did not know what kind of animal manta ray is. So, I decide to provide the display about the history and anatomy of MANTA RAY then they can read and know about us. We were successful with our stand because most of the students bought our snack and drink. Most of us were busy to serve them because it was too many. But, from this stand we can learn and know how the way to be enterpreneur.
after we have done with our Learning to Live day event, this afternoon we cook Mie Aceh. it was really complicated to cook it, but the result is good as our planing. Then, we decide to have dinner together with Manta Ray house to celebrate our succesful for the L2L stand and also in the same time, one of our members “Nurhickmah Marissa Putri” became the 3rd winner of Arabic poem reading. we really enjoy with our party and I feel very full because there were too many foods that I ate. Thank you for MANTA RAY HOUSE who has done the great job. I love you my great family. MANTA RAY!! TALK MORE DO MORE!! 😀



About rizkaamaliakurniawati

One of the student from SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy).. :D

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