SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy) Presents Creative Drama “Ekspresi Jiwa”

(by: Rizka Amalia Kurniawati)

Ekspresi Jiwa presented by grade XI SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy). It is a final task that are students must do in Bahasa Indonesia subject. Each class from grade XI must prepare a drama, not only the casts but also the artistic. All students had a very serious preparation: from costumes, make ups, publications, lighting to decorations. Ibu Yenni Lidyawati as the Bahasa Indonesia teacher assists the students.

The drama marathon were presented in two days, 15th and 16th July 2011 in SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy). The first performance was Class XI Science 2 with “TAPOKISP” a romantic drama which told us about three boys who want to be wiwiek’s boyfriend, but the ending was very unpredictable. Who knows that all of the boys were died because of her mother.

The second performance was Class XI Science 1 exactly after XI Science 2 with “BOEJANG KATAK”. That was the legend from Bangka  Belitung about boejang katak who wants to marry with one of the princesses.

The next performance was XI Social on 16th July 2011 with “BOEJANG JA’ODEN”.  It was about the man who had a big power and met the girl who comes from the heaven.

The last performance was XI Science 3 with “TEREVOLUSIKAN”. The drama told us about one of Sampoerna Academy’s student who went to Australia and become a success person.

The creative dramas were one of the opening performance before the SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy) School Production. SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy) will present a musical drama in Graha Budaya, Palembang at the end of January 2012.




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